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Lisa Malcolm is a licensed Ontario educator and award-winning real estate practitioner, with an Accredited Senior Agent designation, serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

After graduating from university in 2002, she began her teaching career in London, England teaching children with autism. This experience gave her an insider’s perspective of the underlying politics of children’s education & healthcare; as well as the tremendous burden put upon parents with autistic children to solve what are often unsolvable situations in balancing the needs of the child, other family members and generating sufficient income to sustain specialized care, parental support and programming.

Lisa returned to Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada in 2005 as a full time teacher with the Durham District School Board where she taught children with special needs and classes from Grades 1 - 8 until 2016.  Through that experience, she came to appreciate the overwhelming financial challenges confronting lower-income families as well as recognizing the growing number of households that were comprised of multi-generational families.

Lisa saw an opportunity to make a difference and, in 2012, established a personal real estate practice geared towards empowering single moms, divorced women and retirees with the ability to regain control of their lives by first grounding themselves in a home or apartment that they could be proud of; and, then working with them as a mentor and coach to assist in creating new wealth for their families.

In support of the latter, Lisa works with her business partner and contractor-husband, Patrick, developing customized real estate investment projects providing clients with an ability to put their hard-earned savings to work generating personal wealth for themselves while providing higher education opportunities for their children.

Keeping a community educated, healthy & strong is a personal mission for Lisa. Through her community associations with local Chambers of Commerce, The Durham Region Association of Realtors and the Oshawa Generals OHL Team, Lisa assists in raising money and awareness for children’s health, youth sports and anti-poverty initiatives. Patrick and Lisa also choose to consistently give to The Hospital For Sick Children, Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre, and Shine Through The Rain Foundation.

For more information about Lisa Malcolm and the expert real estate services that she offers, please contact her via phone, email or Facebook. 


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